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Renee Shupe, Technical Training
Renee ShupeChief Redhead

I'm Renee AND I'm on a mission to rid the world of typical!

We're all unique & so are our businesses. So why are we all trying to run the same business?

I'm here to help you build a business that's just you!

I am excited to help the individual and small on purpose business owners learn how to share their story, connect with the folks that need to hear what you have to say all the while creating a business that is atypical and on your terms!

As unique as each of our businesses and our mission, the tools, applications and services we need to use are just as unique!

Here's what I also know for you to be who you are and share your story with the world, you need to have the support in your business that's going to make it easy for folks to join you.  You NEED to have a way to share your story, You NEED a way to connect on a deeper level and you NEED a way to accept money.

Without the three elements your business will NEVER be what you hope or dream it will be.

I show you how, join this atypical revolution!

Ready to embrace your atypical? Join the email posse and start today!

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How I’m taming my inbox

A few days ago I mentioned in my blog post, My Business Sucks that one of the ways I'm getting control of my inbox is using a second email address for signing up to any newsletters or other folks I want to stay update. Yes, I could use filters and labels since I use Google For Work and the oh so familiar Gmail inbox, but the reality is this... I don't check my filters, if I need to find something I do a quick search and I archive stuff like crazy. Since I don't check my filters and my … Keep Reading...

My Business Sucks Blog Post

My Business Sucks!

Here's the thing, intellectually most of us understand the need for self care and often the need for Extreme Self Care, yet many of us ignore what our soul and body needs and keep pushing on because it's what is asked of us or simply because we feel we should. Do that though, really puts a damper on who we are at the core and what we want to share with the world.   My Business Sucks! Well, okay that's not the complete truth, I really do love my business but I'm finding that I'm … Keep Reading...

10 Quick and Easy Steps To Building

10 Quick and Easy Steps To Building A HIGHLY Targeted And Responsive Opt-In List

Depending on the day of the week you may hear that social media marketing is the way to go, it will be the best way to attract new customers, but the truth is email marketing is and will continue to be the most effective and BEST return on your investment when it comes to attracting and keeping clients. I KNOW this because 95 % of my income in 2013 AND 2014 came directly from my list, whether it be through offers I made, or new clients reaching out to see if we could work together.  After my … Keep Reading...


I’m so busy and other lame excuses

I’m so busy and other lame excuses I was going to write this just to my awesome email posse, but it’s really a bigger issue that needs to be shared with everyone. It’s something I've been seeing too much of lately (myself included). What’s your excuse? Admit it, we have all used an excuse to get out of doing something. Whether it be helping out with something at work, or in our personal lives. We say we’re too busy, or I have a sick kid at home. I don’t have time, I just can’t do it. I … Keep Reading...

3 Technical

The 3 Technical Elements You MUST Have To Run Your Online Business, the rest is optional

If you've been working on your business for any length of time and you're trying to build your business online, I'm guessing you'be probably heard that you need to build your email list. I want you to listen in... If you're going to do anything online, right along side creating your website, you MUST start building your email list. You may also hear that you don't need to build your email list, that social media can bring you all the leads and sales you could possibly manage. TRUTH? … Keep Reading...